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New Job, Blog Changes, Thank-Yous!

Zack got a job!!! What does this mean???

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Apology for Lost Comments – Problem Fixed! (I Hope!)

Some readers were having trouble with comments. Those troubles should now be over!

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Note About Ads

You’ll probably notice that there are some strange gaps in the format of the page today. Google has suspended my AdSense account due to suspicious clicks. I’ve appealed, but I might not know the situation for a few days. If my account is reinstated, the ads will reappear, so I’ll let the blank spaces persist […]

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Another Year: ZFb Marks 2nd Anniversary

ZackFord Blogs marks it’s 2nd anniversary with a look back at 2010.

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FREE HUGS (from a Militant Atheist with a Gay Agenda)!!

A post for all the strangers I encounter at the Rally4Sanity!

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ZackFord Blogs Welcomes New Contributors Andy Szekeres and Shannon Cuttle!

A milestone for ZackFord Blogs! Welcome two new (non-ZackFord) contributors!

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…And I’m (Still) a PC

Hey, I just want to apologize to my regular readers for being generally absent this week. For the past few days I’ve been struggling to remedy a glitch on my PC. I still had functionality, but my ability to read blogs and publish them was impacted, which is why fixing the situation took priority. A […]

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Processing the Prop 8 Decision

What to expect on ZFb in the very near future regarding today’s decision that Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

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From an Iowa Wedding to Las Vegas

It’s time to change the ZackFord Blogs logo to Netroots Nation. It’s time my vacation being a bit disconnected from the blogosphere comes to an end and I jump into the deep end. As I pack up and get ready, I want to take just a moment to reflect on the week I’ve already had. […]

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Advice from the Little Mermaid (Zack’s On Vaca)

Hey all, I won’t be blogging much until Netroots Nation next week, so here is a fun clip from The Little Mermaid, harkening back  to my post about Disney princesses: Missing your almost-daily does of ZackFord Blogs? Click here for a random post you might not have seen before!

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