What is ZackFord Blogs?

(For a background of what led me to create this blog, please read the preface to my Religious Privilege Primer.)

Zack is one of my favorite bloggers and that’s because he just says it, and he means it, and he just gets it out of the way without apologizing.

–Michelle Meow, Host, Swirl Radio (10/22/10)

What should you expect to find here?  What is ZFb all about?

1. Commentary.  This is not a blog where I simply post news.  There are plenty of great bloggers who make a living off of keeping people informed of all kinds of happenings.  I will not attempt to live up to that kind of comprehensiveness in this blog.  I will post stories that I think people need to see and hear about but with my own commentary and perspective.  I will offer my own thoughts and reflections about this wonderful thing we call “humanity.”  This often includes some personal prose and poetry in addition to basic commentary.

2. Stuff about LGBT issues.  There is so much work to be done for queer equality in this country, and I will regularly discuss these issues as current events dictate.Rallying Against Prop 8 in Des Moines, IA on 11/15/08

3. Stuff about religion and atheism.  Religion seems to have so much power over our country, and it scares me.  I will discuss issues that I see about religion, but know this: my goal is not to convert my readers to atheism.  My goal is for my readers to think about issues and understand the way that religion has control over our society and see that this does not have just cause or reason.  I expect people to be challenged by the things I post, because I want people to think.

4. Stuff about other social justice issues.  Obviously, I have a passion for addressing the oppression I experience because of my identities as gay and atheist, but I also want to work towards being an ally towards others who are oppressed in other ways.  Expect to see some issues about sexism, racism, ableism, and other forms of oppression along the way.

5. Stuff about education, especially higher education.  I work in a university environment, and there are many issues affecting young adults that go unnoticed.  I really believe equitable, supported education is the golden bullet to solving many of our nation’s ills, and if I see issues that need addressed, I will definitely bring them up. I also want to open people’s eyes to the world of Student Affairs and the amazing hard-working people who are doing social justice education that often goes unnoticed in mainstream society.

6. Funny stuff I happen upon.  If I see a funny comic or worthwhile YouTube video, I will share it here.

7. Ideas other people suggest!  If you would like my thoughts on something, let me know!