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On October 12, 2010, ZackFord Blogs took the monumental step of expanding by welcoming additional contributors to the site. Check out the brilliant minds whose writing can now be found here at ZFb!

» Shannon Cuttle, Safe Schools Advocate
» Andy Szekeres, LGBT Political Consultant

Shannon Cuttle, Safe Schools Advocate

Shannon Cuttle has been an active community organizer, trainer, and advocate in the LGBT movement. A former educator and school administrator originally from Detroit, MI, she leads the charge in advocating for safe schools, crisis prevention, anti-bullying laws, second parent adoption, anti-bias, and equal access to education. Shannon fights on behalf of LGBTQ youth and families on state and national levels.

As an organizer, she created the Diversity Across Michigan campaign and the Safe Schools Action Network along with the National Safe Schools Day of Action to raise awareness around safe schools issues. She currently lives in Washington, DC.

You can email Shannon directly at shannoncuttle7@gmail.com.

Andy Szekeres, LGBT Political Consultant

Andy Szekeres is a nationally touted fundraiser in progressive circles. Most recently, Andy served as the finance director for the No on 1 Protect Maine Equality Campaign where he raised over $4.9 million dollars in less than 5 months. His impressive track record includes raising over $26 million dollars in the last three election cycles.

Andy has also served as a Statewide Field Director for both issue and candidate campaigns, giving him a unique perspective and political insight that are rare amongst political fundraisers. His past candidates include No on 1 – Protect Maine Equality, Congressman Polis, Fawcett for Congress, Lamm for Congress, Yes on Referendum I, Vallas for Governor, Skinner for Senate and 23 other races. He is the founder of 3PG Consulting and currently lives in Denver, CO.

You can email Andy directly at andyszekeres@gmail.com.

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