Faces For Equality – National Equality March Collection (October, 2009)

Listed below are the first 20 profiles from the Faces For Equality project. I met all of these folks at the National Equality March on October 11, 2009 in Washington, D.C. They are listed in the order they appeared on the blog.

Sean Chapin, 33
San Francisco, CA

Less Henderson, 25
Portsmouth, VA

David Melson, 57
Washington, DC
Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons

Lili Leon, 22
Los Angeles, CA

Ron Hunt, 56
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Bear Alliance

Maria Peeples, 16
Appleton, WI

Lana Thiel, 26
Appleton, WI

Eddy Disla, 24
Englewood, NJ

Becky Barton, 21
Storrs, CT

Debra Sweet, 58
New York City, NY
The World Can’t Wait

Matthew Dimick, 24
Boston, MA
Join the Impact MA

LaDesta Atkinson, 22
Canton, OH

Scott Ruppert, 44 and Robert Richendollar, 44
Jacksonville, FL

Jaquelline Robertson (aka “Lexi Divine”), 51
Burlington, VT

Christopher Parker, 22
Austin, TX
Join the Impact, Texas

Matt Perfetuo, 27 and Steve Riggle, 29
New York City, NY

Judi Israel, 62
Barrington, RI

Rebecca Geller, 29
Fairfax, VA

Dana Strickler, 63
Kingsport, TN

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